Stan Van Samang


Motivated, passionate but mostly completely authentic, that is how you could describe Stan Van Samang, born on the 19th of March 1979, best.
After his high school Stan decided to study Cabaret and the famous Studio Herman Teirlinck. Although he was already well aware of his musical talents and ambitions, he chose to make a career as an actor. Van Samang played the role of police man Kevin De Kesel since 2001, in the Belgian series called Wittekerke. Besides this he fulfilled some guest roles in other popular Belgian series and successful movies like Vermist, Flikken and Buitenspel until he got to play a lead role in Zuidflank in 2013.
Next to this, his irresistible urge to write, compose and play music was still present. Late 2006, Stan put a spell on everyone by wining ‘Steracteur, Sterartiest’, a Belgian talent show. This resulted in a record deal at EMI Music and a 360 artist contract at Live Entertainment.
In 2007, Stan scored a big hit called ‘Scars’. The song was on top of the charts for weeks and sold more than 15.000 copies. That summer, Stan went on tour and soon ‘Scars’ got followed up by ‘Poison’ and his first album ‘Welcome Home’. The album soon sold more than 30.000 copies and Stan Van Samang got more and more popular.
Together with Eric Melaerts, Stan Van Samang worked hard to continue making hits. The first single of his second full-cd ‘Take it from me’ called ‘This Time’ got released in November 2008 and the complete album came out in January 2009.
On the 14th of February that year, Stan gave away a fantastic show in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp. It was such a success, that at the end of the concert Stan made the promise: “Next year, same place!” This is exactly what happened, on the 14th of February of 2010, his fans got to enjoy another great concert of their idol. In that summer, Van Samang combined many concerts with his own theater tour ‘Simply Live’.
Not only Stan’s songs are often played on the radio, he is also a much welcomed guest at multiple stations.
2012 and 2013 were mainly dedicated to Stan’s acting career but yet again Stan Van Samang released another great hit called ‘Junebug’ which was a major success.