As musical geniuses and successful producer/DJ/artist go, they don’t come any
bigger than REGI in the Benelux. At the age of 12 he bought his first computer
and connected it to a synthesizer. Barely 18 years old REGI had his first releases
on the Dance Opera and Illusion labels. And in 1996 he got his first international
success with ‘La Vache’ in the Benelux, France and other European countries.
REGI is also the driving force behind MILK INC, teaming up with singer Linda.
Milk Inc sells out shows of +20.000 capacity. Not just once, but 6 times in a row
every year. They just had their 30th top 10 charts single.
And his REGI DJ/Live shows easily equal this.
In 2007 REGI released his first proper solo album: REGIstrated (released on the
Mostiko label). A 2nd one followed in 2010. Both albums reached gold status and
produced several hit singles throughout Europe.
The REGIstrated albums stand for a unique mix of different styles and surprising
collaborations with both local and international artists. Here’s just a shortlist of it:
Turbo B (Snap), Tyler (Theory of a Deadman), Kaya Jones (Pussy Cat Dolls)
Ameerah , Jessy , etc.
REGI is an icon, a brand without any doubt. So it was only logical that there
should also be a REGI DJ Compilation: ‘REGI In The Mix’ compiling the current
hot dance tracks in his own unique mix. And again this became an instant
success. All ‘Regi In The Mix’ editions went gold and the n°1 compilation.
Regi also was a member of the jury of the Belgian The Voice version earlier this year.

His last Regi In The Mix album called ' Regi In The Mix Ultimate' is just released and Regi is now working on a new concept.